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EthSci 2021: The Ethics of CoVid-19 Science

Current philosophical analysis of the pandemic has largely focused on issues relevant to the Global North. However, given the often unique circumstances countries like India face when dealing with the pandemic, we believe it is important to have these discussions with the Indian context in mind. Eth.Sci 2021 is a virtual symposium that aims to examine the philosophical and ethical issues concerning science and policy surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The symposium covers three broad themes as they feature in the current pandemic situation: scientific practice of representation and modelling, development of public policies based on scientific findings and the communication of scientific information to the public.

This symposium aims to bring together academic philosophers with experts and practitioners from other relevant fields, from both India and the rest of the world, to provide a space for philosophy, science, public policy and science communication to interact fruitfully and inform one another. This symposium is organised by the PhilSci India Group, an association dedicated to the promotion of philosophy of science in India, in collaboration with the Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Center at the University of Tübingen and the Centre for Philosophy of Science at the University of Geneva as well as the international NGO ADVISE: Forum for Advancing Science and Education through Philosophy.

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