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PhilSci India is a collective of philosophers of science either working in India or interested in the development of the discipline within India, formed with the intention to support and promote philosophy of science in India. In pursuit of this aim, the members organize seminars, workshops, winter schools, and other community-building opportunities that connect young scholars in India with the international philosophy of science community. 


In 2020, we hosted a weekly online lecture series on the theme “Evidence in Science” featuring talks from a number of international and Indian scholars. More information on the Saturday Lecture Series 2020 can be found here

In 2021, we organised EthSci 2021, a symposium constituting three panel discussions on how COVID-19 is represented in scientific models (Bert Baumgaertner, Gautam Menon, Jonathan Fuller, Suneeta Krishnan), how pandemic measures trade-off against other public goods (Anant Bhan, Gagandeep Kang, Mohammed Asheel, T. Sundararaman), and how science communication can help citizens navigate scientific expertise (Heidi Larson, Maya Goldenberg, Rayies Altaf, Tarun Menon). More information about EthSci 2021 can be found here.

Later in the year, in keeping with our aim to enable philosophy students to engage with the philosophy of science, we organised Winter School, a week-long workshop for post-graduate students in philosophy, with classes introducing them to basic ideas in philosophy of science, as well as research talks from experts which acquainted the students with cutting edge work in the discipline. Speakers included Shinod N.K, Nora Boyd, Tarun Menon, Angela Potochnik, Kit Patrick, Michael Strevens, Abhishek Kashyap, Dunja Šešelja, Jamie Shaw, and Jacob Stegenga. More information about the Winter School can be found here.

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